Phytopathologist and his role in plant life

послуги фітопатолога

Communication on phytopathology – what is it?

Conscious systemic regularity or extreme necessity?

It is no secret that all of us, or most of us, to a greater or lesser extent, are engaged in self-medication.

We go to the doctor when it is very bad.

We go to the vet – only when we realize that we can not cope with the illness of a shaggy friend. Sometimes we are late with help.

With trees in a different way – they are silent. You need to be very careful to notice that there are problems in the garden.

And again we try to help the sick tree ourselves. And only then, having tried ways to get rid of the disease or damage to the tree, using the advice of acquaintances, friends or neighbors, in extreme cases, seek professional help – go to a phytopathologist.

Sometimes it’s too late. There are diseases of trees, when only the decorative plants suffer, but there are cases, outbreaks, when you can not delay, so as not to lose adult trees.

But there is a way when on time – this is a specially designed scheme of care, protection against pests and disease prevention just for your garden. A professional phytopathologist can help with this.

Beautiful healthy gardens for you!

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