Lawn treatment

We work with different types of lawns: universal, decorative and functional.

  • Universal lawn – ordinary, park, garden, meadow, English.
  • Decorative lawn – Moorish, meadow, ground floor
  • Functional lawn – strengthening, sports.

In addition, there are a large number of seeds to create different types of lawns: green carpet, wild, shady, industrial, sowing and others.

We treat the lawn, restore the ecosystem

Our specialists will determine the cause of the disease or pests, determine methods to control them and treat the lawn. If necessary, make a transplant, as well as feed the lawn.

    What can the lawn suffer from:

    • Pets are dogs and cats. The lawn gets burns during animal defecation.
    • Mole. Create slides above the surface of the lawn, thereby destroying the design of the territory.
    • Ants. Anthills are building on the lawn.
    • Birds. Eat grains of grass для молодого газону.

    Lawn is one of the important elements of landscape design

    Lawn is an important element of landscape design і landscaping. It forms a uniform surface and helps to create a general atmosphere. If there are problems with the lawn, it immediately becomes noticeable, the idyll and harmony is destroyed. The cause of this phenomenon is usually pests, diseases or improper lawn care.

    Lawn diseases

    Diseases of the lawn dramatically worsen its condition and appearance. They are usually divided into infectious and non-infectious.

    There are the following diseases of the lawn: powdery mildew, fusarium wilt (snow mold), dollar spot, anthracnose, head, rhizoctonia, rust, red thread, witch rings, pythium (pitosis root rot).

    Also, the lawn ripens and freezes in time for adverse weather conditions. If the lawn becomes pale, the grass becomes thinner, growth slows down – this is a sign of starvation of the lawn.