Bonsai treatment

дерево бонсай

Like all plants, bonsai are susceptible to disease. Usually these diseases are:

– rust (yellowing and spots of characteristic color appear, which affect the bark and leaves of bonsai);

– root rot (characteristic of this disease – green plaque on the trunk and soil, changes the color of the leaves);

– white root rot (cause of the problem – parasitic fungus. Symptoms: leaf fall and general deterioration of bonsai);

– verticillium wilt (occurs due to improper pruning of branches and roots. Affects the vascular system, bonsai turns yellow, eventually withers and dries);

– powdery mildew (first signs – white plaque on bonsai, may be gray); 

-downy mildew (false powdery mildew) (a characteristic feature is yellow spots with white or gray down under the bonsai leaf);

– chlorosis (bonsai loses its bright color due to insufficient chlorophyll).

Rehabilitation, care, treatment of bonsai

We provide quality care, transplantation, correction of the root system, fertilization of indoor and garden bonsai, according to all the rules we do grafting and pruning bonsai. We carry out rehabilitation, treatment of bonsai (sick and injured), guaranteeing a quick and lasting result.

    Pests of bonsai

    • caterpillar;
    • aphids (Aphidoidea);
    • mite (spider and red)
    • grinder beetle (Anobiidae);
      curly aphids;
    • thyroid and pseudoshield, (Coccidae)
    • ants;
    • nematodes (roundworms) (Nematoda).

    We form a bonsai style

    We form in the style of bonsai conifers (pine, juniper), deciduous, ornamental (elm, apple, linden) and houseplants (ficus, Carmona, rhododendron, portulacaria), including non-standard, damaged and drying trees and shrubs. If necessary, we also remove plants from the bonsai form.

    Where are we going?

    Our services are available in most countries. Please contact us to find out the availability of the service in your area. We respond quickly to calls, we arrive on time to provide assistance.