Tree treatment

Experts will conduct an analysis, determine the cause of the disease, help overcome diseases and pests that have affected the tree.

Provide effective advice, develop preventive measures for the care of trees.

We transplant and fertilize trees. We carry out trips around the city of Kyiv (Kyiv region), we accept applications throughout Ukraine.

We promptly respond to appeals and begin measures to treat plants as soon as possible. Our task is to save greenery from destruction.

Treatment of trees with different types of diseases

We treat trees of various species, in particular: conifers, ornamental and fruit trees, as well as flowering and deciduous shrubs.

    Coniferous trees

    They have a high decorative value, their beauty brings pleasure at any time of the year. There is a great variety of conifers, such as spruce, pine, thuja, juniper, larch.

    Deciduous trees

    They are divided into two categories: ornamental trees and fruit trees. Decorative trees: linden, oak, catalpa, hornbeam, elm, beech, maple, barberry, birch, willow, alder, etc.

    Fruit trees: apricots, peaches, cherries, pears, cherries, etc.

    Trees suffering from bacterial, fungal, viral, physiological diseases

    The constant problems of trees are sunburn, wounds on the tree due to improper pruning, the formation of frostbite and hollows.

    You should also pay attention to the treatment when the animals have bitten the trees and sprouting trees to fight parasites. Care of trees should be performed constantly and do not forget about preventive measures to avoid the need for treatment of trees and greenery.