Scientific support

Scientific support is the provision of qualified consulting support for a long time on a subscription basis, in order to establish and maintain the practice of proper, most efficient treatment of plants and plantations, ensuring the best possible realization of their natural genetic potential in existing conditions, ensuring their maximum safety and quality.

The service is divided into 2 fundamentally different approaches to the provision and certain types of contracts:

  • Company support – assistance or outsourcing within our specialization with a high level of adaptation to the specifics of the work and the target audience of the company
  • Support of objects – conducting of concrete planting

The service is specially adapted to the included components for the relevant needs of different categories of users:

  • landscape companies, architects and designers,
  • of owners of ornamental plants, objects of landscape architecture and green plantings, the organizations operating plantings
  • plant producers,
  • plant retailers,
  • importers and wholesalers of plants,
  • producers of crop products,
  • owners of perennial fruit and berry plantations
  • producers of flowers, greenhouses and early crop products
  • indoor plants


This is a direct contact phone with our manager.

+380954692204 (Viber, WhatsApp) | GreenClinic LifeScience Competence Center of GNerdiX OÜ, Tallinn, Estonia.