Forest pathology

According to the results of the survey you will learn:

  • which plants are damaged
  • causes of their pathologies
  • what should be done to fully rehabilitate the area and prevent similar injuries in the future

Our experts develop recommendations for the normalization and improvement of plant living standards by restoring the functions of plant organisms and connections in the ecosystem with the most economical and effective methods.


Forest pathological examination - research and detection of pests and diseases of the forest

The purpose of the survey is to collect the necessary information about the general condition of plants, indicating which plantations have signs of damage.

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    Ecosystem phytopathology

    One of our strengths is ecosystem phytopathology. This is a unique contribution to world phytopathological practice. It is based on the analysis of objective data on growing conditions, external or internal influences, including deficiency, phytopathogens or other factors of natural or anthropogenic genesis.

    Who is a forest pathologist?

    A forest pathologist in the modern sense is not just a forester. He is a forest protection specialist who understands the nature of the set of organisms in it and all the processes that take place in the forest as an ecosystem.


    We keep the forest healthy!

    We provide advisory opinions, which set out recommendations and action plans.