Treatment of houseplants and flowers

поливати кімнатні рослини

Problems usually arise from oomycetes, viral, fungal, bacterial or physiological diseases that affect houseplants and flowers.

  • Viral diseases: yellowing of leaves (jaundice), mosaic disease, leaf curl.
  • Гfungal diseases: fusarium wilt, gray rot, wilt (verticillium wilt), blackleg (root rot), powdery mildew, powdery mildew, powdery mildew, anthracnose, blackthorn (sooty fungus), phyllostictosis, ascochitosis, septoria, spotting, leaf spot.
  • Bacterial diseases: bacterial cancer, bacterial spot, bacterial wilt, rot.
  • Physiological diseases. Disease that occurs due to improper care of plants. They appear due to lack of nutrients, lighting, excessive watering.
  • Oomycetes – cause late blight in plants.

Treatment of plants affected by pests and diseases

Establish the cause of the disease, determine methods of combating diseases and pests that attack houseplants and flowers. Correctly adjust and correct the conditions of ornamental crops and exotic species.

    офисные растения

    Where are the pests in houseplants?

    Plant pests are mainly found in pots or on stems, roots, leaves, flowers, fruits. Pests of houseplants and flowers are: thrips (Thysanoptera), fungal mosquitoes (Mycetophilidae), whitefly (Aleyrodidae), mealybug (Pseudococcidae), spider mite (Tetranychus urticae), thyroid (Diaspididae).


    We transplant and fertilize houseplants and flowers.

    We make trips, accept applications. Contact us to find out if the service is available in your city

    During the visit, the expert performs phytopathological and phytosanitary analyzes, examines the compliance of housing conditions with the biological requirements of species.

    Disease prevention

    We carry out prevention of houseplants and flowers to increase decorativeness, strengthen immunity to counteract negative factors.