Plant treatment. Diagnosis and treatment of plant diseases

The Еcosystem Phytopathology Center has everything you need to:

inspect plants, plantations and plant conditions;
find answers to the causes of the disease and the best solution to solve plant health problems;
take measures to treat, prevent and create conditions for further stable development of plantations.

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We know exactly not only why plants get sick and die, but why they live long.

Get complete reports on plant health, build and implement a quality plant protection program? You have already found what you need!

    In the treatment of plants, we use the latest in the world, as well as our own developed and time-tested methods and protocols.

    We have a team of experienced experts, good international scientific relations over the years, our own convenient set and approach to the formation of scientific advisory documentation, which allows us to provide quality scientific support, both business in the field of crop production and plant owners . As well as companies specializing in the care of plantations, landscape architects, garden centers, importers of plants, breeding companies, nurseries of ornamental, fruit and energy crops.

    All our clients can fully rely on the application of systems analysis, ecosystem approach and principles of threat analysis and critical control points (HACCP) in addressing practical issues.