Garden treatment

яблочный сад

Pests that attack and infect plants against which garden and ornamental plants must be treated:

  • aphid;
  • whitefly;
  • mite (spider and red);
  • moth;
  • locust;
  • grasshopper (black, steppe, dark);
  • Blaps lethifera (broad-chested, sandy, corn);
  • butterfly, its various species;
  • Noctuidae; (owlet moths);
  • weevil (gray, striped, five-pointed).

Phytopathological survey, treatment of garden and ornamental plants.

Еcosystem Phytopathology Center – expert in the field of dendrology, biotechnology, phytopathology of ornamental plants and garden. Our specialists will help to care for, identify diseases and pests that have affected plants and treat garden and ornamental plants.

    We know exactly why the garden and ornamental plants are sick

    We promptly respond to calls, arrive on time to provide assistance. We also provide preliminary advice on how to prevent problems with the garden and ornamental plants.

    To keep the garden safe

    Timely treatment of the garden and ornamental plants, proper care and protection, protection from pests and diseases – the measures necessary to achieve the goal.

    Physiological damage to the garden and ornamental plants

    • Lack or excess of sunlight;
    • Insufficient watering or excess water in the soil (high or low humidity);
    • Improper use of chemicals;
    • Smoke or gas damage;
    • Soil temperature does not meet the requirements of plants;
    • Inadequate soil acidity;
    • Impaired nutrient balance.