Treatment of pines

The most common diseases of pine:

Schütte is a whole group of diseases. They also affect cedar and spruce.

Hermes. Dangerous pest from which the needles turn yellow. The disease is often found on Siberian cedar.

The bark beetle apical eats a tree starting from the thinnest branches gradually moving to thinner branches of pines. This is a real epidemic among pines related to climate change.
We recommend not to engage in self-diagnosis, as external signs are often similar.

Leave your request and describe the external signs of the disease. Our experts will tell you how to do it and what data are needed for further examination.

We conduct phytopathological examination, analysis, diagnosis and protection of adult pine trees.

Diseases of adult pines usually have a long history, which began when planting trees. To successfully restore plant health, it is necessary to remove all harmful factors that suppress the plant.

    сосновый лес

    Prevention is the basis of pine and forest health.

    It is advisable to start treatment of pines as early as possible, the best option is to prevent bark. If the pine tree meets the bark beetle’s preparedness, the chances of the pine to survive become much higher, otherwise – the pine dries.

    The bark beetle is one of the causes of forest destruction

    Timely use of the right drugs (biological and chemical) against the bark beetle will destroy the bark beetle at the beginning of the attack on the pine forest.

    The bark beetle does not appear alone, its constant companion is a fungal disease that develops in pine wood. If you do not take measures to combat this fungus, then even after protecting the bark beetle, the pines will still continue to dry out.

    What should you pay attention to?

    The first thing you can notice are the small pine branches on the ground. Drying of pine usually begins at the top. At first, it is slightly yellow to the eye. Then the yellowness of the needles increases, the branches dry up, small holes appear in the trunk of the tree.