Contract research

Contract research is aimed at obtaining quality knowledge that meets the practical needs of the customer, which allows to develop an individual solution and ensure sustainable plant development, as close as possible to the norm of their genetic potential, with maximum prevention of plant diseases or pests, using integrated methods based on deep understanding of plant biology, mechanisms of ecosystem functioning, as well as modern technologies and means of protection, nutrition and prevention of phytopathies with equal and free use of chemical and biological plant protection products.

Carrying out in-depth research of plants, plantations, plant conditions and their components, to order, in order to find and obtain answers to questions about the causes of problems, determine the presence of phytopathogens and levels of controlled indicators, as well as interpretation of laboratory tests and measurements.

We are proud that the direction of contract research performed by our center is one of the successful activities of many companies, the success of which directly depends on the qualifications of plant management. We proudly and respectfully create added value every day for the businesses of our corporate clients, providing them with a sufficient amount of quality scientific and practical information and conclusions in accordance with their needs. We are glad that your success is a part of our hard work. You are stronger with us!


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