Phytopathological survey of nurseries and garden centers

We offer one-time independent phytopathological inspection of production sites and trade sites of ornamental plants for nurseries and garden centers in order to identify existing phytopathies (consequences of plant diseases, pest activity, pest deficiencies or nutrient imbalances).

Our experts allow us to identify and timely correct problems that have not been noticed in the flow of production and maintenance process, with recommendations for improving the condition and marketability of plants, improving the technology of cultivation, maintenance and care for plant protection.

Our recommendations help nurseries and garden centers to preserve plants and improve product quality, save money on plant protection products and technological care operations, and maintain the loyalty of your customers who are sensitive to the quality of plants.

The examination is carried out once, the advisory opinion is provided directly at the object under examination.


This is a direct contact phone with our manager.

+380954692204 ( Viber, WhatsApp) | GreenClinic LifeScience Competence Center of GNerdiX OÜ, Tallinn, Estonia.