Autumn top dressing of coniferous plants

Conifers are evergreen plants, they desperately need feeding, especially in the autumn period.

Autumn is the best time to provide plants with reserves of nutrients and trace elements. It is in autumn that plants accumulate the necessary substances that provide resistance to low temperatures and give strength to young growth formed this year. Taking into account the fact that conifers practically do not stop growing in the winter period, but only slow down, it is in the autumn that it is necessary to take care of the proper development and health of the root system, so that it can meet the needs of the plant in the periods of thaws and early spring.

It is best to use fertilizers containing magnesium, potassium and phosphorus in the fall, preferably in a form available for consumption by plants. The most desirable is the use of macro and microelement complex fertilizers. In order not to harm the plants and correctly calculate the dose and concentration of fertilizers according to the type of plants and local soil conditions, it is necessary to contact specialists.

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