Fusarium wilt, early detection, prevention and treatment

Fusarium wilt or tracheomycosis is one of the most dangerous diseases of pine, caused by a fungus of the genus Fusarium. Fusarium wilt can affect all types of pine, as well as larch, fir and spruce.

Symptoms of fusarium wilt:

  • Young seedlings wither and die and secrete resin on the bark. Stems discolor, plants acquire purple or blue hues.
  • The needles become red, brown or chlorotic (pale, yellow or yellow-white) and die from the base up, or the whole seedling dies.
  • In adult trees, the pathogen causes yellowing of the needles, which later becomes reddish-brown.
  • When removing the bark from the bottom of the trunk, you can see the resin released from pine tissues.
  • Repeated death of the tips of branches due to repeated infections can lead to significant death of the tree crown.
  • Female cones on infected branches can also be affected, but do not reach full size and form underdeveloped seeds.

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Prevalence of fusarium wilt:

Spores are spread by wind or can be carried by fog or rain, falling on trees or seedlings through wounds caused by hail, wind damage, removal of branches. The pathogen can also be spread by insects living under the bark. These include weevils of the genus Pityophthorus and bark beetles of the genus Ips. In addition, fusarium wilt can enter the plant through the roots. The damaged area can be infected within 2-3 days after the injury. For the development of the fungus, the optimum temperature is 24 ° C. Plants in a state of stress, namely overdried or transfused are particularly prone to fusarium wilt. The fungus can live in wood for more than a year.

Prevention of fusarium wilt:

  • Maintain optimal soil moisture.
  • Regular inspection of trees for the presence of pests that are carriers of fusarium wilt.
  • Proper pruning of trees.
  • Examine trees for signs of fusarium wilt to respond and overcome the disease in a timely manner.

At the slightest signs of plant disease with fusarium wilt should immediately consult a specialist:

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