Diseases of the Canadian spruce

ялина канадська

Canadian spruce, like all plants, due to lack of attention in the care or attack of pathogens, can get sick. If a red plaque appears on the branches and the needles fall off, it may be tracheomycosis, it affects the roots of young trees. The disease is incurable and dangerous for surrounding plants. The only method is to burn the tree together with the root, and treat the place where it grew with a fungicide.

Needle rust is a fungal disease. Signs of the disease are clear, easily visible: on the bark of shoots appear small 0.5 cm orange growths (spores). After a while the needles turn yellow and fall off. In the fight against rust will help spraying copper-containing drugs. Processing is carried out several times a month. It is not recommended to plant next to conifers grain fruit crops: apple, pear, because they are an “incubator” of rust spores.

No less dangerous fungal disease – shutte. Arises from stagnant moisture in tight and overgrown with weeds plantings. Manifested in early autumn by drying, yellowing of needles with barely visible brown spots. The following spring, the needles turn black, covered with plaque and fall off, becoming a source of infection. Heated needles must be removed, cut diseased branches burned, treated several times with fungicides.

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Canadian spruce often suffers from root rot caused by stagnant moisture on poorly aerated soils. The plant by the middle of summer acquires a depressed appearance, poorly growing growths. The tree is dug up, the damaged softened roots are pruned, and it is transplanted to a new, more favorable place.

Canadian spruce can be affected by aphids, aphids, false aphids, mealybugs, spider mites and other pests. They are difficult to notice because they are very small, but cause great damage by sucking the juice from the bark, needles or roots.

When infested with aphids, yellowing of needles is observed, and the tree becomes depressed.

Trees that grow in the shade and on dry soils suffer the most from thyroid glands. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the care.

If the tree is attacked by a pseudoshield, you can see honeydew on the shoots, as well as black plaque.

Spider mite is one of the most dangerous pests. The branches are covered with cobwebs, the needles turn yellow or brown, and the needles themselves fall off.

Parasite control involves mechanical and chemical methods. Preventive, this is a spring treatment with insecticides -a fairly effective tool.

Canadian spruce can be affected by diseases and pests, as well as other plants. However, it is a very decorative tree, both in summer and winter, which can decorate any garden. And at the first signs of damage you can always turn to specialists.

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