Mosquitoes and man

Послуги знищення комарів
болезни деревьев

Mosquitoes are widespread all over the world.

The most widely represented common mosquito (Culex pipiens), which lives wherever its main victim – a person – lives.

Adult female mosquitoes are found in summer in residential and recreational areas, including vegetation around parks, overgrown areas and fields, in wet and damp places, in residential buildings on walls, windows, and in animal enclosures, in shaded areas.

A mosquito lives from egg laying to adulthood from 15 to 60 days, depending on the ambient temperature. The female mosquito lays 30-150, sometimes up to 280 eggs every 2-3 days. Larvae are usually born within 48 hours, but in some mosquito species the eggs survive the winter.

The larva goes through three molts, and after the fourth it becomes a pupa. The development time of larvae and pupae depends on the temperature. Mosquitoes usually become adults after 7-15 days, but sometimes their development takes more than a month. Mosquitoes almost always need blood to reproduce eggs, so the egg-laying cycle depends on blood consumption.

Females usually live 2-3 weeks,

but there are cases up to 114-119 days, it depends on the air temperature and the availability of food. Males live much less.

During a warm period of time, 3-4 generations of mosquitoes grow in middle latitudes. Mosquitoes hibernate in the imago phase (fertilized females), the larvae hibernate in more or less warm places: in livestock premises, warm basements, caves, tree hollows, burrows, residential apartments, other buildings where they are not very active, and if the temperature below zero, then in numbness.

Mosquitoes are carriers of dangerous diseases.

Also, their bites can cause itching and an allergic reaction, which is indicated in medical records as a reaction to an insect bite. The female injects saliva containing anticoagulants that prevent blood clotting into the skin of her victim before she begins to drink the blood. And mosquito saliva causes itching, swelling, redness at the site of the bite, and in some cases a severe allergic reaction. Infections carried by mosquitoes are also transmitted with saliva.

The easiest and best way to avoid reaction problems is to avoid mosquito bites.

How to prevent mosquito breeding and mosquito bites:

  • Near the house, you need to remove thick vegetation where morning and evening dew accumulates (mow)
  • It is necessary to thin out vegetation, make tunnels for air movement, eliminate its stagnation.
  • Remove areas of standing water around your home, including swimming pools that are not maintained.
  • In the evening and morning, when mosquitoes are most active, try not to spend time outside.
  • When mosquitoes are active at home or when you go outside to an area with a lot of mosquitoes, you can use repellents to minimize the impact of bites
  • Repellents: When you are outside, use insect repellent. Follow the instructions on the package.
  • Make sure doors and windows are tightly closed.
  • Provide a place to sleep, for this use a mosquito net when sleeping outside.

Caring for babies:

Put a mosquito net on the stroller during the walk.

Wear protective clothing, pants and long-sleeved shirts when outdoors, and spray repellent on clothing and exposed skin. Light-colored clothing can help you see mosquitoes landing on you.

And when, having taken all precautionary measures, you, having left the house, still hear the shrill squeal of a female mosquito, remember one more WAY to avoid bites:

Conduct a mosquito control operation in your home area!

Effective control of the adult mosquito population by SPRAYING! on exterior surfaces and the area depends on a number of external factors, including timing, level of contamination, methodology used during application, and weather conditions.

The products are certified and approved for ground and aerial use in outdoor residential and recreational areas and other similar areas to control adult populations of mosquitoes that can transmit disease.

This level of health impact is much less than constant contact with the application and spraying of mosquito repellents on the skin, clothing, in rooms with steaming fumigators.

Killing adult mosquitoes helps control the size of mosquito populations and prevent the spread of disease. Mosquito populations are constantly dying off and recovering, and such an operation will not eliminate all adult mosquitoes.

Ensure your restful sleep, admire sunrises and sunsets, enjoy summer evenings in the circle of family and friends in the open air with a cup of fragrant tea without the annoying squealing of mosquitoes. Everything is in your hands!

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