Resin cancer

Resin cancer, sulfur cancer is a terrible name for fungal disease
mostly adult pine plants. The causative agent is the fungus Cronartium flaccidum and Peridermium pini.

Among the many signs of the disease, the most noticeable are ulcers that develop in the affected areas. The mycelium of the fungus penetrates the wood and blocks the movement of nutrients, the resin saturates the adjacent layers of wood and flows out, forming characteristic streams that solidify in the form of resin-colored cones. The bark in the affected areas peels off and falls off. As a result of the inflow of nutrients into the intact area, deformation of the healthy part of the trunk occurs. The disease can occur in plants from 2-3 to 100 years.

By blocking the movement of nutrients, the fungus makes the tree more attractive to stem pests and bark beetles in particular. Resin cancer is common in sparse plantings, suburban and urban conditions. The disease is completely curable even on old and neglected plants.

Complete healing of the plant can take several years, but even a slight suppression of the pathogen gives the plant a great chance of survival and the trees are sure to thank you for their shade, saving from the scorching sun in summer.

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