Boxwood – planting, growing, care

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Much has been said lately about boxwood pests and diseases. I would like to dwell on the planting, cultivation and care of boxwood.

Boxwood is a wonderful ornamental evergreen deciduous plant that inspires with its compositions, which traditionally use this plant along with roses, lavender, and its clipped forms against the bright spots of flowering perennials. How sad it is to see when boxwood problems begin and many years of its formation are in vain. In many parts of this spring there was a change in leaf color, boxwood was yellowish, brown; often collapsed and broken under the weight of snow bushes had a very unattractive appearance. Fungal infections have also been added, which change the leaf blade and damage the sprouts themselves.

The release of boxwood from the winter of this year was difficult. From the unstable temperature in winter, when there were frosts and thaws, piercing wind, weathered and frosty leaves and shoots of this beautiful plant. It also snowed, covered abundantly with a thick thick blanket, and at some points melted, creating an icy crust that prevents plants from breathing. Add to all this bright sunny, often windy days. All these are reasons that negatively affected the health of boxwood, and as a consequence, the appearance. In the next cold season, we need to minimize the impact of these factors. Let’s start caring now!

If we talk about laying a new garden, we know that boxwood grows well in the sun and shade. Let’s find him a place where he will be comfortable to grow and he will delight you with his bright greenery for many years. Boxwood needs drained neutral or slightly alkaline soils. Acidic, soaking, clay are not suitable for this plant, it will be difficult to absorb the necessary nutrients. Boxwood should not be planted during the off-season due to drying and freezing winds.

About the timing of planting boxwood. Based on experience, I can confidently say that this plant grows well, though on watering. There are examples when boxwood was planted in the heat, taken from a nursery with an open root system. The main thing is not to burn in the sun and give enough moisture at the time of growth of the root system. And winter planting, as long as the frozen ground does not allow, can also take place, the main thing is to insulate the roots, throwing on top of the soil agrofiber.

About the bushes themselves. We are accustomed to the beauty of boxwood in the dense formation of the plant, but fungal diseases in recent years make adjustments to this principle. It is desirable to make the crown of the bush a little more lush, so that sunlight and air get inside. This can help prevent fungal diseases. Avoid watering from above, it is desirable to lay a drip tape. In preparation for winter, it is possible to tie the bushes to prevent collapse and breakage during snowfall. And watch the temperature, at the expected minus 15-18 degrees Celsius, find an opportunity to cover the boxwood with agrofiber, a possible framework for its support. With the onset of stable heat with the opening do not delay, remove the agrofiber in quiet cloudy weather.

Pay attention to boxwood! It may take several seasons for him to regain his health and fitness after winter injuries.

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