Bark destruction services

The most effective means of combating bark beetle of different species is timely prevention. This protects the plants before the pests attack and prevents the loss of the plant. Also, if the bark beetle is already on the site, then in the conditions of timely response it is possible to save damaged plants.

Rapid destruction of bark beetle on your site

Currently, the main threat to pine plants of suburban forests is the bark beetle of various species, the population of which is spreading against the background of global rising temperatures and lack of moisture in plant tissues.

    What happens when there is a lack of moisture?

    Specific gaseous monoterpenes released by pine plants in the absence of moisture in the cells serve as a provocative signal for the attack of bark beetles, which respond to unsatisfactory physiological state of the plant and inhabit it.

    Aggressive spread of the association of xylophages (ips typographus, ips acuminatus and others), as well as mycosis caused by opiostomy fungi of various species is a major threat.

    The spread of mycelium of ophiostomy fungi, which is introduced and developed immediately after the attack of stem pests, significantly accelerates the drying of plants.

    Ofiostomy mycoses

    The presence of the characteristic color of the wood on the cut of the dead plant indicates the presence of ophiostomy mycoses.

    The main route of settlement of ophiostomy fungi, which manifest themselves in the form of “blue wood”, is entomochoria – the spread of insects. Once in the plant with the insect, the fungi quickly begin to develop in the bast and sapwood, blocking the water and mineral nutrition of the plant. This makes the process of plant death inevitable.

    Quickly destroy the bark beetle!

    Our specialists promptly respond to appeals and begin plant treatment activities as soon as possible.

    The main task is to destroy the bark beetle and save the greenery from death.