Online help

Fill out the form and pay for the consultation

Our manager will contact you. Choose a convenient date and time for the consultation

The specialist who will conduct the consultation will contact you in the chat to ask clarifying questions. You will need to send some photos or videos of plants that will be the objects of consultation.

You can choose a convenient way and platform for communication zoom, skype, whatsapp or viber.

Enter the video chat with the specialist at the appointed time.

Upon completion, a short summary with recommendations for treatment and care and a prescription with the dosage of the necessary drugs will be sent to your e-mail.

Online plant care:

the fastest way to save your plants;

expert assessment of the condition and providing recommendations for proper care;

the ability to preserve and increase the yield of your garden;

long-term effect of treatment and reducing the risk of recurrence.

How does it work?

    If you have technical difficulties with the payment of the consultation, you can call:
    +38 0443606770

    We refund if:

    the consultation was canceled no later than 24 hours before the meeting

    technical problems on our part - the specialist did not get in touch without warning 2 hours before the consultation

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