поливати кімнатні рослини

How to water houseplants while the holiday lasts.

How to water houseplants?

You are going on vacation, you have fun and joy because soon you will go on a long-awaited trip. But what to do with them – your houseplants? They can dry out, get sick and even die.

Well-watered houseplants can last several days or even a week. But what if you go for a long time? For longer vacations, we offer the following watering methods:

  1. Stretch the wick to the pot.

You can set up a simple absorption system that works indoors or outdoors. You need some absorbent material – thick yarn, scraps of old natural fiber rope or strips of cotton T-shirt – and containers (such as bottles, bowls, etc.) to hold water.

But first, set up a test pot to make sure your wick works well.

Place a container of water next to the plant. One container, if large enough, can hold several pots. Place one end of the wick in the water, making sure it reaches the bottom of the container, and push the other end about three inches deep into the moist soil of the plant. As the soil dries, the water will rise on the wick to replenish moisture.

  1. Make a mini – greenhouse.

This method is suitable for small plants!

You can buy a terrarium. Put on a waterproof floor indoors. Spread moistened gravel on the bottom and put well-watered plants on top. After that, the terrarium must be sealed.

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The plants inside release water from the leaves, and the excess will flow back to the soil where it is знову буде доступна корінню.

By the way, in Great Britain, an amateur gardener planted an ordinary tradescantia in a 40-liter bottle, watered it and sealed it. This plant has lived in the bottle for over 40 years. without watering and has a great view.

But keep in mind that such plants should be protected from direct sunlight, or your terrarium will turn into a solar panel.

3,Arrange drip irrigation.

So! Drip irrigation can be arranged not only for outdoor plants, but also for long

I’m indoor.

If you have a lot of houseplants, you can consider a drip irrigation system with an automatic timer. This system will not only take care of plants when you are away, but will also save your time even when you are at home.

  1. Using a plastic bottle.

Take any plastic bottle and make a few small holes in it. Then, as if planting your bottle in the ground, be sure to leave the neck and hole above the surface. As the soil dries, water will slowly enter the soil, watering your precious plants.

Before you take the last step with a suitcase outside the door, fill this bottle with water and your plant will do the rest!

  1. Ask for help from an experienced friend, neighbor.

If your friend or neighbor is well acquainted with the care of houseplants, you can ask him about this service. But he can also go on vacation. Remember the movie “Home Alone”? When all the neighbors left at the same time. In this situation, you can also contact companies that provide such services.

If you like to travel and at the same time love your houseplants, we hope our ways of watering houseplants will be useful to you.

If you need advice on which method of watering is right for your plants. You can always contact our specialists:

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